Saturday, December 25, 2010

Article 58 "Event to Come" 7" EP. 1981.

I'm sure this has been on a Messthetics or "Kilt By Death" but I don't think the entire 7" was on either. Excellent proto-indiepop DiY from Edinburgh, Scotland. Sharing a bit of the Scottish sound you hear on early Orange Juice, Skids and Josef K records. All three songs are great. I wonder what happened to these guys and if there's more material out there. "Event To Come" is particularly fantastic.



  1. Wow I sang on this track and just got in touch with the guitarist Douglas after twenty year...I believe there is some more stuff out there...gx

  2. Hey Gerri! Amazing! Contact us now:

    I was hoping this would lead to a reissue!

  3. Did it lead to a release> And, if not, could you re-up this 7" perchance, I've been dying to hear those b-side tracks since the '90s!