Friday, December 24, 2010

Life With Patrick "Nothing in Your Heart" 12" 1990.

Here's a great 12" from what I assume is a Northern English band on the Manchester "In Tape" Label from 1990. "Nothing In Your Heart" is reminiscent of the first Stone Roses single, one foot in shoegaze and the other in the aggressive indie vein. The B-Side "Favour" starts with a piano bit before turning into a rolicking Smiths-y C86 thing. There's a 3rd song, an instro I left off called "Something From Nothing." There's virtually no info on this band I can find, they don't even have a Discogs page. I have their other (earlier) 12" EP on Tiger Lily which I'll upload if you guys like this enough.



  1. I was the Bass player with LWP, originally called Patrick's Death".
    We were a London Based Band, although I was the only Scot having left Glasgow (and my band The Prayers (see Egg Records for more details)in '88) and joining the original Patrick's Death line up in '89.

    we signed to In-Tape in '90 and recorded and released Nothing in Your Heart for them. The record label folded and we recorded the Persuasion EP and released it on a joint label (Tiger Lily) with The Asphalt Ribbons (who later became Tindersticks).


    John Connor