Saturday, December 25, 2010

Orange Disaster "Something's Got To Give" EP 7". 1980.

Orange Disaster (named after an Andy Warhol piece) was the first incarnation of The Perfect Disaster, who wound up on the great Fire Records label by the mid-80's. Phil Parfitt, the songwriter, was also nebulously involved in Spacemen 3/Spectrum recordings later on in the 80's and 90's. All 3 tracks on this 7" are great, with sparse drum machine, cutting guitars, restrained vocals and tasteful (don't be scared) saxophone. The last two tracks are definitely "psychedelic" in the repetitive Suicide/Spacemen/Seeds way.



  1. Thanxxxxx so much !!!! "Something's got to give " is such a fantastic song, maybe my favorite teenagers'song , i had bought in the early eighties the 45t with black and orange cover, found in Paris'flea market.....I was searching this tune since so many years..It's not my favorite version (don't you have the 45 T ?) but it's so good anyway ! Greeeeaaaatttt!!!! Phil* from France

  2. Download desse Ep: http://www.mediafire. *com/download/7e6k27z8vecq0f2/Orange_Disater_1980_-_Something's_Got_to_Give.rar (retire o asterisco ; ) )