Friday, December 24, 2010

Raymond "First Love/Our Downtown" 7". 1984.

I can't help but gush about this record. A perfect indie record, from Houston, TX in 1984. Perfect pop in vein of Television Personalities (or current bands like Art Museums), except with a drum machine. It even comes with a perfectly weird illustrated 7" (dinosaurs, line drawings of buildings in Chinatown?) Even the name of the custom record label, Pastelle Records, is perfect. It's 5-years behind and 15 years ahead of it's time, and from Texas no less. Featuring bass guitar from Jeffrey Walton of the (fantastic) Judy's. "Our Downtown" features great lyrics like "You'll never meet a hooker under 6'1" in Our Downtown" and a xylophone doubling the great/fey vocal melody. The other side, "First Love" is an equally great post-apocalyptic love song. Raymond Carpenter (or anyone who knows him) please find us, we'd love to put this back out!



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  2. Hi, this is Raymond, (Now Raymond Tanna ) I am living in Las Vegas, still writing and playing with the band The Absurd Processors, I had to lay low for awhile, dodging cease and desist letters from Disney lawyers for my TV show " The Tony and Hannah Montana Show". It's the story of how, at age 18 Miley Stewart finds out that she is in fact the Love Child of Drug Kingpin Tony Montana and a Miami socialite.. " Tony and Hannah, not really quite the same, one sings us pretty songs, the other one sells cocaine " any way we'll be on Facebook soon. Thanks Raymond