Monday, December 27, 2010

Zarjaz "Inter Block Rock" 12" EP. 1986.

Ziro Baby is/was the man/kid behind Tronics and Zarjaz, as well as anything "Freakapuss" related. Probably one of the most interesting and strange characters to come out of the Punk/New Wave era, especially by constantly reinventing himself into whatever he felt like doing. After Tronics, he began Zarjaz as an exercise in "Baroqueabilly," which sounded a lot like Wendy Carlos' Bach recordings on A Clockwork Orange. Then, out of nowhere, Zarjaz releases this "Inter Block Rock" EP which is a DiY noise-pop record. Maybe just to prove that he can do it as good as anyone else at the time? One of these songs ("TV On In Bed") is a revved up version of the Tronics track on "Love Backed By Force."

There's a good chance of all Tronics/Zarjaz material being reissued on a friend's label. Exciting news, I'll update when that happens.

A great interview here:

Link to EP:

Video greeting from Ziro.


  1. Thanks a lot for this - I'm a long-term Tronics/Zarjaz/Freakapuss fan, but I lost my copy of this EP somewhere along the line in the '90s! I think the noise-pop sound of this has a lot to do with Joe Foster's production.

    I would love to hear the first cassette album, hope that's on the reissue programme!